Steve Waldman

Who Put Us on the Wrong Track?

Today on ABC’s This Week, Republican consultant Alex Castellanos made a frighteningly good point in Republican nominee Donald Trump’s favor: two thirds of people say the country is on the wrong track – and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is the candidate of status quo. The Democrats on the panel mostly argued: yeah, but Trump is… Read more »

Founding Fathers & God

Did the Founding Fathers want a strict separation of church and state? Yes. Did they want the government to actively support religion? Er, yes. That too. The problem is, it depends on which Father you?re talking about. For instance, as president, John Adams instituted highly religious, national fasting days. But when Jefferson became president he… Read more »

Liberal “hostility” to religion?

I was thinking about the readers who suggested that I had been unfair in claiming a liberal hostility to evangelical Christianity. Fair point, I thought. I probably should have said “many liberals” rather than caricaturing liberalism per se. But as I was crafting the words for a correction, I came across this passage from “The… Read more »

Evangelical Freedom Fighters

As I noted in my Monthly piece, the one group that would surely oppose the approach taken by many 21st evangelicals is 18th century evangelicals. They were eloquent and fierce supporters of separation of church and state. I know many people will read that Monthly article as further evidence of the hypocrisy of modern evangelical… Read more »

Patrick Henry, James Madison, and Jack Abramoff

Besides the image of the eloquent 1,235 pound cheese being rolled up to Thomas Jefferson standing at the White House door, my other favorite visual image from this Washington Monthly piece is of young James Madison and Patrick Henry sparring in committee in the Virginia legislature. Madison would have been 33, Henry a prominent figure… Read more »