Steve Waldman

Patrick Henry, James Madison, and Jack Abramoff

Besides the image of the eloquent 1,235 pound cheese being rolled up to Thomas Jefferson standing at the White House door, my other favorite visual image from this Washington Monthly piece is of young James Madison and Patrick Henry sparring in committee in the Virginia legislature. Madison would have been 33, Henry a prominent figure… Read more »

Memo to Dick Gephardt

Dick, the recent revelations that most of the Democratic candidates have Jewish roots requires us to take swift action. Just to review the recent news: Howard Dean’s wife and kids are Jewish, Dennis Kucinich keeps kosher (because of his Jewish girlfriend), General Wesley Clark comes from a line of rabbis in Minsk, Hillary Clinton’s grandmother… Read more »

Keeping the Faith

This is more than just an historical coincidence. In many faiths, including Catholicism, service and belief in God are linked. That’s certainly the case at Notre Dame. Indeed, upon graduating, some 60 graduating seniors annually enlist in a university-run program called the Alliance for Catholic Education. The program trains these students as teachers and places… Read more »