Steven Hill

Steven Hill is a U.S. journalist and author of seven books, including <i>Raw Deal: How the Uber Economy and Runaway Capitalism Are Screwing American Workers</i>. He is currently in residence at the Berlin Social Science Center.

The Decline Whine

The US media has a long history of clucking snidely at Europe. Recently Time magazine added to a longstanding Euro-bashing tradition with an incendiary cover that blared “The Decline and Fall of Europe,” featuring a young London rioter dressed in a hoodie and glaring like a Tolkien wraith from the red flames engulfing the cityscape… Read more »

Labor Insiders vs Outsiders: The Challenges of Spain’s Labor Market

In Spain, coping with Great Depression-level unemployment that has broken through the psychological 20 percent barrier is a delicate matter. Tracing the meandering policy path of the Socialist government, which began with fiscal stimulus and then morphed into austerity, reflects the challenges. One of the factors bedeviling the government’s decision-making during this time has been… Read more »

The Obama Problem

Paul Krugman has a good piece in the New York Times, “The Centrist Cop-Out”, in which he challenges the media for its obsession over “balance” instead of pointing out how extreme the Republican Party has become, to the point of blackmailing the country over the debt ceiling. Writes Krugman, “Some of us have long complained… Read more »

The Thing to Know About Greece

For the umpteenth time Greece is in the news over its debt and the possibility of defaulting on its obligations. Yet so much of the commentary is missing an important perspective that is necessary to really understand the dilemma that the Greek people and leaders face (I was in Greece last October and reported on… Read more »