Steven Waldman

Steven Waldman, a contributing editor, is co-founder and president of Report for America, which places talented emerging journalists into local newsrooms. He is also the author of Sacred Liberty: America’s Long, Bloody and Ongoing Fight for Religious Freedom.

Why Citizens United Helps Trump

I know we’re supposed to say ‘of course Trump absolutely can’t be the Republican nominee but….” before we then point out his badness. Here’s the thing: he can be the nominee — because of Citizens United. Let’s say he caps out at 30 percent. Just never gets above that. We’ve gotten used to the idea… Read more »

Just Married

The Supreme Court ruling reflects a historic union of liberal notions of equality and a conservative emphasis on the sanctity of marriage

Should I have apologized to Jim Wright?

Jim Wright – the unctuous, “disgraced,” and recently departed former House Speaker – received my first professional apology. And it haunted me for years. I was just a few years out of college and working as an editor of the Washington Monthly. I decided to do a piece suggesting that it would be a terrible… Read more »

Tilting at Windmills

Four regulations and a funeral A few years ago, my wife became a funeral director. She has a special emphasis on “back to basics” funerals: simple caskets, avoiding embalming if possible, woodland burial, personal attention from the funeral director. She’d like to set up her own small funeral establishment some day, but she discovered a… Read more »

The Conservative Alienation from Journalism

Coverage of the Pew Research Center’s latest study has emphasized the finding that news consumption has become more polarized, each of us preferring All the News that Fits Our Worldview. But to me the most interesting finding was different: the deep alienation of conservatives from mainstream media and “journalism.” Get this: among the 36 outlets… Read more »