Steven Waldman

Steven Waldman, a contributing editor, is co-founder and president of Report for America, which places talented emerging journalists into local newsrooms. He is also the author of Sacred Liberty: America’s Long, Bloody and Ongoing Fight for Religious Freedom.


n the last few years we’ve seen the birth of a new book genre: the Religious Left Political Testimonial. The common theme of these books is that politics has been warped by the dominance of the religious right and the “secular left.” The authors describe how their personal commitment to progressive politics was shaped by… Read more »

The Framers and the Faithful

More impressive than the size of the cheese was its eloquence. Painted on the red crust was the inscription: “Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God.” The cheese was a gift from religious leaders in western Massachusetts. It may seem surprising that religious leaders would be praising Jefferson, given that his critics had just months… Read more »