T.A. Frank

McCain’s temper

A brief debate thought…Word in the press is that Obama’s people are hoping that John McCain can be goaded into losing his temper during the presidential debates. We can be certain that John McCain knows this. We can also be certain that his aides know this. John McCain may make mistakes during the debate. But… Read more »

Those lame ads

Don’t make us laugh? …Here’s what I cannot understand. As an opponent, John McCain is a gift. He has changed his positions drastically. He has made countless cringe-worthy statements. ($50 an hour to pick lettuce, anyone?) He has fibbed. He has twice endorsed Bush for president. He has done it all on video. Whereas the… Read more »


Lend me your earpiece…Not long ago, talk of stuff like hidden earpieces went more or less hand-in-hand with talk of faked moon landings or the tyranny of barcodes. Today, however, that’s not the case. Newscasters regularly use invisible earpieces, as do stage actors–and exam cheats. So what about politicians? Back in 2000, for instance, Rush… Read more »


A real issue…Andrew Sullivan has been asking a remarkable question: Does President Bush believe John McCain was tortured in Vietnam? I’d add, at this point, that John McCain and his running mate should be asked the same thing. (I know this takes a backseat to interviewing every last McCain surrogate about pigs and cosmetics, of… Read more »


CYBER FAREWELLS TO KEVIN, CONTINUED…Since Kevin and I live only about 50 miles or so from each other, I probably ought to be representing the Washington Monthly better and taking this farewell party to his doorstep. But I have a small dog who would be dwarfed and possibly consumed by Inkblot and Domino, so I… Read more »