T.A. Frank

Pinkertons at DHS

n November 2005, hotel employees in the city of Emeryville, California got some good news. Local voters had passed a living wage law requiring hotels to pay workers a minimum of nine dollars per hour plus extra for certain duties. In an expensive townEmeryville occupies a narrow peninsula in the San Francisco Bay, making it… Read more »


HOW SHE DID IT…Reminder, this isn’t Kevin Drum writing this, so don’t blame him for the wayward musings of a Washington Monthly staffer. Two days after the fact, though, having pored over the post-New-Hampshire-upset analysis, I can’t help feeling that many of the explanations are a bit over-complicated. I wouldn’t have predicted the results that… Read more »

Journalists Are Still Missing the DOJ Story

JOURNALISTS ARE STILL MISSING THE DOJ STORY….Here’s one more example of how the press still hasn’t woken up to the significance of the politicization of the Department of Justice. We’ve read plenty about the federal indictment of Chicago millionaire Antoin Rezko, a generous donor to Democrats in the state, and we’ve read even more about… Read more »

The Woes of the Power Couple

THE WOES OF THE POWER COUPLE….I can’t say I feel that sorry for Paul Wolfowitz, and that’s mainly because he’s, well, Paul Wolfowitz. That said, I’m not yet persuaded that his alleged string-pulling for his girlfriend, Shaha Riza, an employee at the World Bank, amounts to something that requires his resignation. (Several newspapers have now… Read more »


WMD TRAINING IN IRAQ: The Washington Post reports that insurgents in Iraq are becoming increasingly expert at using chlorine bombs to kill large numbers of people. Forgive me for harping on this, but this makes our unsecured chemical plants at home a big problem. As is the fact the White House has effectively resisted efforts… Read more »