T.A. Frank

Dick Cheney’s Boy

DICK CHENEY’S BOY…. It looks like another member of the Cheney family is getting into trouble. This time, it’s DHS General Counsel Philip Perry, husband of Elizabeth Cheney and son-in-law of Dick Cheney. According to testimony yesterday by Government Accountability Office Comptroller David Walker, the DHS strategy of dealing with investigations is to “delay, delay,… Read more »

No shame

No Shame: So I visit a rundown zoo and see hyenas in miserable cages, lions in miserable cages, and antelopes in miserable cages. I’m disgusted by their conditions, so I attack the zookeepers and set the animals free. The lions eat the antelopes, the hyenas eat the antelopes (and sometimes the lions, too), and the… Read more »

The Mordor Study Group

JAMES BAKER: I want to thank you all for being here. We took some heat for our work on Iraq, but I still think most Americans thought it was valuable. Now, we turn our attention to a new problem. Again, our mandate isnt to examine how we got into Mordor or to rehash the intelligence… Read more »


HOW MUCH BROOKS TO BROOK? I have to admit it: I read pretty much every David Brooks column. He’s often quite good, honestly. However, as many have pointed out, he also has a unique knack for being infuriating. And it?s easy to get baited into responding each time. (Today, for example, Brooks declares ($) himself… Read more »

No More Frist?

NO MORE FRIST? Looks like we’ll be deprived of a Bill Frist presidential run in ’08. That’s a shame, because a politician as entertainingly craven as Frist deserves to have a proper outlet for his talents. I was curious to see how he’d approach a national campaign in light of the midterms. Would he, for… Read more »