T.A. Frank

Washington’s androgynous fish

Abnormally developed fish, possessing both male and female characteristics, have been discovered in the Potomac Riverraising alarms that the river is tainted by pollution that drives hormone systems haywire. The fish, smallmouth and largemouth bass, are naturally males but for some reason are developing immature eggs inside their sex organs [Representatives] at area utilities said… Read more »

Nothing you can say can tear my heart away from my guide

Over at Stats.org, Rebecca Goldin has thrown an unfriendly tomato at the Washington Monthly?s college rankings, calling our efforts ?bizarre? and ?absurd.? She also describes the Monthly itself as ?a scrappy political magazine perpetually strapped for cash.? Well, on the latter point, no fair ? give us something we can refute. But, to return to… Read more »

Mark & Silvio

I apologize for the talking point about the testicles. (I’m telling you, Maddie Albright got a bounce when she talked about Cuba and cojones — maybe try it in Spanish.) And sorry for the Christ comparison idea. (We had excellent numbers on Jesus.) But I stand by the line about the Chinese. Remember, you have… Read more »

White Hats vs. Black Hats

President George W. Bush, of course, is on his way to matching Nixon in his willingness both to use presidential power for partisan advantage and to block scrutiny of his abuse of that power. For this, he earns an immensely broad and black hat, which he shares with Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. Gonzales, let’s just… Read more »

Everyday Low Vices

The quest for low prices came naturally to Walton: He was freakishly cheap. Although he was ranked as the richest man in the United States by the 1980s, he continued, it is said, to have his hair cut by the local barber, a $5 expense that he never supplemented with a tip. (Perhaps he wasn’t… Read more »