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A Note on Methodology

The Social Mobility score was a little more complicated. We had data that told us the percentage of a school’s students on Pell Grants, which is a good measure of a school’s commitment to educating lower-income kids. But we wanted to know how many of these students graduate, and, unfortunately, schools aren’t required to track… Read more »

Little Tom DeLays Waiting to Get Out

Tom DeLay (R-Texas) Currently under investigation for accepting gifts and paid vacations from lobbyists and foreign interests, as well as engineering a political money-laundering scheme in which corporate contributions were illegally funneled to Texas Republican candidates. Received three separate admonishments from the House Ethics Committee for bribing a House Republican for a vote, using Homeland… Read more »

Statehouse to White House

It’s a good bet, then, that the 2008 presidential race will include more than a few governors. In fact, with no president and, in all likelihood, no vice president on the ticket–the first time that’s happened in modern history–the campaign could be so crowded with statehouse chief executives it’ll look like a meeting of the… Read more »

Cosby in 2008?

Nothing hurts Democrats more than their own aversion to risk. If they are to confront a Republican Party now eyeing a constitutional amendment to make their favorite Austrian-born-movie-beefcake-turned-GOP governor eligible for the White House, Democrats must start thinking audaciously. Instead of bellyaching about the supposedly shallow 2008 bench, why not consider the following list of… Read more »