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How Public School Teaching Got Cool

A guest post by Tom Toch I’ve spent the last week reflecting on an extraordinary event I attended Feb 12-13-Teach for America’s 20th Anniversary Summit at the Washington Convention Center. Nearly 11,000 past and present TFA “corps members,” funders, and policymakers from Secretary of Education Arne Duncan to DC Mayor Vincent Gray turned the convention… Read more »

College Guide – A Note on Methodology – 2006

W e settled on two primary goals in our methodology. First, we considered no single category to be more important than any other. Second, the final rankings needed to reflect excellence across the full breadth of our measures, rather than reward an exceptionally high focus on, say, research. All categories were weighted equally when calculating… Read more »

Introduction: A Different Kind of College Ranking

This summer, a group of sixty-one liberal arts college presidents announced that they would no longer participate in the annual U.S. News & World Report college rankings. We were of two minds about this news. On the one hand, we’ve long argued that the U.S. News ratings are silly, because they don’t measure what its… Read more »

What Obama Should Read

arack Obama, it is safe to say, likes books more than his predecessor did. We know that much because he has written a couple of good onesmost notably, the well-received memoir Dreams From My Father, which launched him into the public sphere as a writer before his political career beganand because it is not a… Read more »