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We know some of you have been complaining that Democratic consultants are “old school,” or “hackneyed,” or “f–ing useless,” but let us assure you that Bridge to 2000 intends to work for the people, not the powerful. The purpose of this memorandum is to share with you some insights we’ve recently developed on the roleand… Read more »

Best of Luck, Karl

Remember South Carolina, 2000? I do. Watch your back. Because when you least expect it, I will rip your trachea from your neck and make a flute from it. John McCain p.s.Offer is still good on helping out my campaign. p.p.s.I’m serious about the trachea/flute thing. Remember when you sent Andy and me to see… Read more »

Enrollment Still Open

UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA, ARIZONA Engineering 501: Why Things Collapse Explore how seemingly strong structures fall apart. Guest lecturer: Senator John McCain. YESHIVA UNIVERSITY, NEW YORK History 36: Great Journeys in Jewish History From forty years in the desert, to the Diaspora, to Joe Liebermans journey across the political spectrum. BOB JONES UNIVERSITY, SOUTH CAROLINA *Cancelled*… Read more »