Thomas Toch

Hot for Teachers

D.C.’s traditional public schools, once among the nation’s worst, have become magnets for some of America’s best educators. The results are showing up in the classroom.

How Obama Got Schooled

Under pressure from right and left, the president signed away hard-won federal power over K-12 education and gutted his own reforms, even as they were working.

First-Rate Temperaments

Liberals don’t want to admit it, and conservatives don’t want to pay for it, but building character—resilience, optimism, perseverance, focus—may be the best way to help poor students succeed.

Measure For Measure

But the school has done just about everything right in recent years. Principal Conce Rodriguez has introduced reforms that require students to wear uniforms and teachers to submit weekly progress reports on every student in every subject. There’s an expanded pre-kindergarten program, teacher-attendance incentives, and a big tutoring project. Rodriguez even hired a “community liaison,”… Read more »