Timothy Noah

Timothy Noah is a contributing editor of the Washington Monthly. He is the author of The Great Divergence: America’s Growing Inequality Crisis and What We Can Do About It.

Stay Put, Young Man

Americans used to be exceptional for how often they moved. But that once-powerful source of both efficiency and upward mobility is now in steep decline.

Timothy Noah on the Baby Boomers

The year 1983 saw the release of The Big Chill, a film that capitalized on the early waves of baby boomer nostalgia with the story of a group of thirtysomething friends looking back upon their 60s youth. Washington Monthly editor Timothy Noahborn on the tail end of the baby boom, which missed the sixtiestook aim… Read more »

How Our Health Care Stacks Up With Slovenias

e dont have a health care crisis in this country,” Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan stated publicly in September 1993, three days before President Bill Clinton was to unveil his health care reform bill. Moynihans remark, coming from a member of the presidents own party, did a lot more than Harry and Louise to kill off… Read more »

Curious Ron

Glossy magazines, of course, aren’t completely inhospitable to running stories on quirky and/or challenging subjects. But I can’t think of a magazine writer, other than Wolfe, who’s explored so wide a variety of disciplines and subcultures over the last three decades while working, for the most part, outside the rarified precincts of The New Yorker,… Read more »