Todd Gitlin

The Left Learns from Goldwater

They can decide that candidate Kerry lost because he did not commit fully enough to liberal principles, and turn their backs on coalition-building. But this would be unwise. The crucial divide will be between those who understand it’s the infrastructure, stupid, and those who don’t. Those in the Democratic camp and the rational liberal-left who… Read more »

Appointment With Destiny

Sheldon Hackney’s apologia pro vita sua is an elegant, persuasive defense of a judicious approach to the culture wars, but it is also an indispensable study of the press, much of which played useful idiot to the crackpot right’s crusade against what they took to be campus radicalism as they pumped themselves up for the… Read more »

The Clinton-Lewinsky Obsession

Start with the Sunday morning barking heads, the high church that certifies each week what the political class is and ought to be talking about, issuing self-fulfilling prophecies for inside dopesters. Consider especially ABC’s “This Week,” where Cokie Roberts declared, on Jan. 25, 1998, with the Lewinsky story four days old, “There’s only one real… Read more »