Washington Monthly

Tilting at Windmills

When Charlie Peters founded the Washington Monthly almost 47 years ago, he billed it as “a bold experiment in political journalism.” He was determined to produce articles that not only illuminate important issues but challenge and inspire people to reexamine their assumptions. He did not know that it would become such an influential magazine, changing… Read more »

Pointing in the Right Direction

In the midst of continued ideological warfare, policy paralysis, and one of the most curious presidential campaigns in memory, it’s easy to understand why many of us are wondering whether/how/when we lost our bearings. We at the Washington Monthly wonder, too, but our own internal compass continues to point us toward stories that affect how… Read more »

Shining a Light

Given the red-hot atmospherics of journalism today, we here at the Washington Monthly sometimes wonder at the fact that we are approaching 48 continuous years of publication of the magazine and 15 years on the web. There has been a fair amount of speculation in the media along the way about whether there is a… Read more »

Still Pushing the Rock Up the Hill

Here at the Washington Monthly, our small staff spends a lot of time working on stories that affect how we as a country live and work and move forward. It’s in our DNA, so whether you are a fan of Political Animal or the Washington Monthly magazine, you can count on us to look at… Read more »