Washington Monthly

Looking For Silver Linings

In the midst of unrelenting ideological warfare and policy paralysis, we at the Washington Monthly continue to work on stories that affect how we live and work and move forward — call it our own unrelenting 45-year quest for progressive change. We love what we do — part mission, part sausage-making, but always with an… Read more »

Can You Spare Some Jingle?

’Tis the season to help support our frankness, sense, and mirth. In the words of author, MSNBC.com contributing writer and former Washington Monthly editor Timothy Noah: “Working at the Washington Monthly taught me that good journalism must do the unglamorous work of piecing together the truth from sources high and low. Not many places teach… Read more »

Your Voice

Even before the Obama administration released a preliminary outline of its proposed college rating system last Friday, the response from those who support the status quo was immediate and predictable: sight unseen and certainly unread, they declared the proposal yet another tyrannical power grab. This probably gives you an idea of the kind of pushback… Read more »

Shining a Light

The recent upheaval over at The New Republic has generated some chatter about the Washington Monthly — its past, its present, and whether there is a future for us in the red-hot atmospherics that pass for journalism today. So we’d like to say that we are confident there is a continuing need for our brand… Read more »

Pushing the Rock Up the Hill

Here at the Washington Monthly, our small staff spends a lot of time working on stories that affect how we as a country live and work and move forward. It’s in our DNA — whether you’re a fan of Political Animal or Washington Monthly magazine, you can count on us to look at our government,… Read more »