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Tory Cat Blogging

TORY CAT BLOGGING….Since I just finished making fun of British Conservative Party leader Iain Duncan Smith, reader James Lucky thought I should see the latest from the Guardian. Apparently they decided to play a practical joke on him by creating fake ads and trying to get him to pose in front of one them. They succeeded. (The complete set of photographs is here.)

You just have to love this kind of stuff. Can you imagine a serious American newspaper pulling a gag like this on John Kerry or Howard Dean?

Never Show Fear

NEVER SHOW FEAR….Pretty much every analyst in the world thinks that Tony Blair’s Labor party, which currently has a majority of about 160 seats, will cruise to an easy victory when they call the next election. But Iain Duncan Smith, leader of the Conservative party, begs to disagree:

“I am very upbeat,” he said. “Put money on it. We are going to win the next election, I absolutely believe that. I am not bullshitting. It’s right there. This Government is on the edge of complete failure. I promise you.”

How come American politicians aren’t allowed to talk like that?

Kerry vs. Dean

KERRY VS. DEAN….ByWord takes a look at the recent Kerry vs. Dean dustup and concludes that Kerry is more devious astute than he’s being given credit for. And that’s a good thing!

I don’t know if I agree, but I don’t know if I disagree either. I have to admit that most of the time I find myself wondering if the candidates have any strategy in mind before they wake up each morning. In any case, you can read ByWord’s explanation and decide for yourself.