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Cartoon Voices

CARTOON VOICES….One of the previews I saw right before X-Men 2 was for some upcoming Disney cartoon, and they made a big deal out of the fact that a few of the voices were being done by big name stars (Brad Pitt was one). I don’t really understand this.

Big stars must cost a lot more than voice specialists (or even little stars, for that matter), but what does the movie get in return? The kids surely don’t care, nor does it seem likely that parents decide to take their kids to movies based on who’s doing the voicing of the characters. So what’s the point?


X-MEN….I just saw X-Men 2, and it was pretty good if you’re partial to that kind of thing (i.e., action packed comic book dramatizations). I have to say, though, that if I were running a school for super-powered mutant children, I’d have slightly better security than Dr. Xavier seems to have. You know, at least a burglar alarm or something, although an impenetrable force shield of some kind would be an even better bet.

While I’m on the subject ? and yes, I realize that criticizing the plot devices of comic books is fairly pointless ? I’d like to make one other observation. One of the standard tropes of superhero comics is that the villains are also super powered in some way because ? well, it doesn’t really need any explanation, does it? Superman is reputed to be invulnerable to atomic blasts, so it’s not likely that even the fictional super-military that populates Tom Clancy novels would have much luck against him, is it?

So why then does this movie work on the premise that a few special ops guys helicoptered out to the mutant school might actually do some damage? Hmmm?

Music Request

MUSIC REQUEST….This is the longest of longshots, but for several years I’ve been looking for a recording of Johann Hasse’s Concerto for Mandolin in G Major, but I’ve had no luck finding it. I don’t suppose anyone out there has heard of this piece and knows of anyone who has recorded it recently?

URL Update

URL UPDATE….The Farrell siblings ? Henry and Maria ? have moved to a new address:


They also have a new name for their blog: Gallowglass, which is explained here.

Oops, actually it isn’t, since permalinks don’t seem to be working yet ? probably a real annoyance for the Farrells since working archives are one of the main reasons for moving off blogger.

Adjust your bookmarks anyway. I’m sure the archives will be working soon.

UPDATE: Archives now working!