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MORE LOTT….Brian Linse is finally

MORE LOTT….Brian Linse is finally back from some sort of non-blogging nonsense in England and has a post up about John Lott. He thinks we shouldn’t let the Mary Rosh/1997 survey business distract us from the bigger question of whether Lott’s main point is valid.

Well, sure, but the Mary Rosh stuff is a lot more fun. And I have to say that the question of whether Lott is willing to flat out lie (as opposed to spin statistics) is a pretty important one. If he lied about the survey, it throws all his research into serious doubt since there’s no telling whether he’s made up any other stuff.

Michelle Malkin, who might normally be thought sympathetic to Lott, seems to agree.

POWELL AT THE UN….Colin Powell’s

POWELL AT THE UN….Colin Powell’s presentation to the UN seems to have been pretty impressive. The French ambassador then followed Powell with a pre-written speech that probably doesn’t mean much, but listening to it sure taught me one thing: those UN translators are really good. Wow.

My guess is that the French and Russians will posture a little bit more and then throw in their lot with the U.S. Whether that’s for political reasons or because the new evidence truly convinces them, I don’t know, but I don’t think they’ll hold out too much longer.

IDIOTS….Yesterday a deputy secretary of

IDIOTS….Yesterday a deputy secretary of state, under pressure from a Senate panel, admitted the obvious about North Korea:

“Of course we’re going to have direct talks with the North Koreans. There’s no question about it,” [Richard] Armitage told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Pyongyang has pressed for one-on-one talks, but the United States had insisted that the regime must first abandon its nuclear ambitions.

So all of Bush’s posturing and bluffing has come down to this. By denying the obvious, he’s now forced to weakly cave in instead of simply opening talks in the first place. He’s also wasted at least two months, during which the crisis has gotten worse.

These guys are incompetent. Why are we stuck with them?