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MOMENT OF TRUTH….I guess there’s

MOMENT OF TRUTH….I guess there’s to be no “whip count” at the UN after all. So the annals of history (and Google searching) will continue to show that the French have never vetoed a U.S. resolution in the Security Council.

Matt Yglesias has the roundup. At this point, I think I finally agree with him: all we can do now is hope for the best. I hope the war is short, that not too many people are killed, and that the post-war reconstruction goes well.


GAY HARASSMENT UPDATE….Here’s the reply that Richard Einhorn received from one of the board members of the Pulaski County school district regarding the ACLU’s charges that teachers harassed a gay student at Jacksonville Junior High School in Little Rock:

Dear Mr. Einhorn,

I share your concern as to what we’re hearing about the McLaughlin allegations…these are not the kinds of values that this school district espouses. Rest assured that Dr. Henderson and the administration are looking into these charges and will react accordingly when all of the facts are in. Nevertheless, I must withhold judgement or other comments for the time being, given that some individuals may ultimately come before the board for disciplinary action.

Thank you for your concern, and I trust that the final outcome of this unfortunate affair will reaffirm the values of freedom and democracy that we both share. Please note that I write only as an individual, and I don’t necessarily speak for the other members of the school board or the administration.

Dr. Don Baker
Pulaski County Special School District Board of Education

I hope they do the right thing.