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THE EYES OF TEXAS ARE UPON ME….My mother is shocked ? shocked! ? to learn from this post that I didn’t know the tune to “The Yellow Rose of Texas.” Why? Because, she informs me, at the precise moment I was born the muzak wafting through the speakers of St. Mary’s Hospital was…..”The Yellow Rose of Texas.” It was literally the first sound I ever heard.

It’s amazing the things your parents never tell you unless you give them just the right stimulus, isn’t it? Now, however, I live in fear that I have been genetically programmed and, Manchurian Candidate-like, will find myself blissfully voting for George Bush in 2004 without even knowing why. Shiver.

(If your popular culture references are as weak as mine, click here to listen to the tune. Like me, you’ll recognize it immediately as soon as you hear it.)


GREENBACKS AND RAZORBACKS….CNN reports today that new $20 bills to be unveiled on March 27 will have a background color other than green.

Unlike M&Ms and Lifesavers, however, the Treasury Department is not allowing consumers to vote on the color, a potentially costly mistake. But the big question, I think, is what they’re going to do with the rest of the bills. Do they get facelifts too? And will they all be the same color, or will we have rainbow money, like so many foreign countries?

And if we can’t call them greenbacks, what are we going to call them?

TROUBLING TIMES….Normally levelheaded Eugene Volokh,

TROUBLING TIMES….Normally levelheaded Eugene Volokh, at the end of possibly the worst argument ever against “smart guns,” says this:

….judging by recent human history, there’s reason to think that there’s a significant (10%? 20%? who knows?) probability that at least some time in our lives, our homeland will be attacked, possibly with sophisticated anti-electronic weapons, and civil order will break down.

Huh? In the last century our homeland has been attacked only twice, both of them isolated incidents, and while I agree that future terrorist attacks are fairly likely, it seems extremely unlikely that “civil order will break down.”

Has the Montana Militia hacked into the Volokh Conspiracy and started writing under Eugene’s name?