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LIBERTARIAN FANTASIES….2blowhards has a guest

LIBERTARIAN FANTASIES….2blowhards has a guest post by a former Libertarian that explains the problems with libertarians pretty well:

Being in the LP is a lot like being in a fantasy role-playing group. They are both about as relevant to the real world.

I have some libertarian instincts, especially when it comes to victimless crimes, but most libertarians don’t stop there. Rather, they try to apply libertarian principles (which provide precious little guidance in reacting to real world problems) to everything. They are like Marxists in their attachment to a creed that is utterly opposed to human nature and therefore has no chance of ever being adopted.

Libertarianism has a long history in the high tech world, and this has made it a strong presence in the blogging world as well. If you’d like to read more about this, Paulina Borsook wrote a book about high tech libertarianism a few years ago called Cyberselfish. It provides some interesting insight into the dominant religion of Silicon Valley.

KOUFAX AWARD WINNERS….Dwight Meredith has

KOUFAX AWARD WINNERS….Dwight Meredith has finished counting the votes for the Koufax Awards for best lefty blogging. Here are the winners:

Congratulations to all the winners. For all the details plus Dwight’s commentary, click here and scroll down.