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HOLIDAY CHOCOLATE….skippy reports that yesterday

HOLIDAY CHOCOLATE….skippy reports that yesterday he ate the last piece of candy left over from a holiday box of See’s chocolates.

Huh? By the second week of January he still hadn’t finished up one lousy box? Mine was polished off by….hold on a second….December 27. In fact, a detailed mathematical modeling of skippy’s chocolate eating habits, assuming that mrs. s didn’t eat any, produces an average chocolate eating velocity of approximately 1.6 pieces per day.

Yikes! What kind of a fiendishly disciplined monster is this man?


STILL ANGRY AFTER ALL THESE YEARS….Tom Spencer brings us up to speed on the Counter-Clinton Library, a plan to build of a library of anti-Clinton bile across the street from the official Clinton Presidential Center and “?LIE-brary” in Little Rock.

The letter from the founders is moderately entertaining, as these things go, and it will probably come as no surprise that the person they really hate isn’t Bill so much as Hillary. “Most of the media want to see Hillary become President and they aren?t going to do anything to derail her,” they say.

I’ve noticed that myself. In fact, Hillary’s people offered me a substantial sum not to write this post, but I’m one of the few bloggers with the integrity to stand up to her, so I refused. Unfortunately, that probably means my life is in danger, so if blogging here at CalPundit stops suddenly, you’ll know what happened.

Of course, you’ll never be able to prove anything….


SUPPLY SIDE ECONOMICS….For those of you old enough to remember who David Stockman is, Avedon Carol has a good post about W’s administration today. I don’t know how she manages to have the discipline to write long posts like this using a dial-up connection, so go read it and make it worth her while.

The now-legendary 1981 article about Stockman in The Atlantic is here. If you’ve never read it, you really should. This is the story for which Ronald Reagan rather famously took Stockman “out to the woodshed.”