Protecting the Vote

Election Subversion Is the Biggest Threat We Face

There are some good safeguards in the Manchin-Klobuchar bill that should pass before we turn to Democratic wish lists.


Colin Powell, RIP: Soldier, Statesman, Immigrant’s Kid, Yiddish Speaker

A few thoughts on overlooked aspects of the late secretary’s career. Plus, what I got wrong.


Adjunct Professors Need a Better Ground Game

Colleges and universities increasingly rely on contingent faculty and pay them next to nothing. It’s time to create statewide adjunct unions to increase their power.

The Monopolized Economy

More Trouble with Big Chicken

Prominent news outlets are echoing this magazine’s longtime crusade against monopolism in the poultry industry. Now, Cargill and Continental Grain seek further consolidation.


How Cities Can Flourish After COVID-19

Two Harvard economists explain how crises have crushed cities and what we can do to strengthen them before the next disaster.


The Trillions In Covid Spending Is What the Economy Needed

Should the massive federal assistance have been more targeted?  We should be glad it wasn’t.