Protecting the Vote

Why We Should Rethink Voting Rights from the Ground Up

It’s not enough just to fight discrimination. The government needs to take affirmative steps to make voting easier.


As Overdoses Reach New Highs, Messaging on Addiction Needs More Nuance

Fascinating new research suggests on how to reduce the stigma of addiction and why Biden health officials should read it.

The Monopolized Economy

A Free Market Won't Self-Correct the Disinformation Problem

To stop the spread of lies and conspiracy theories, Congress should start by focusing on the media monopolies that give them an echo chamber.


GameStop Isn’t a Popular Uprising

An exclusive look at the data indicates that big players are driving the price, not the little guy trading “stonks.”

Health Care

The Case for Helping the World Get Vaccinated

Our economy and health depends on getting poorer countries access to vaccines. Fortunately, there are ways to do that. Here’s how.