Protecting the Vote

Why We Should Rethink Voting Rights from the Ground Up

It’s not enough just to fight discrimination. The government needs to take affirmative steps to make voting easier.


In Rebuke to Hogan, Maryland Statehouse Passes Ethics Bill

After Washington Monthly exposé on the governor advancing infrastructure projects near properties he owns, lawmakers unanimously vote to strengthen the state’s disclosure laws.


Sickness in Health

A journalist’s fly-on-the-wall coverage of one small Ohio hospital reveals the deeper story of America’s broken medical system—and the heartland’s decline.


The Trillions In Covid Spending Is What the Economy Needed

Should the massive federal assistance have been more targeted?  We should be glad it wasn’t.

Health Care

The FDA Cut Off Covid Vaccine Testing. That Was a Really Bad Idea.

The shots are saving lives, but we don’t know their long-term effects thanks to an agency that often answers to industry instead of the public.