The Democrats Confront Monopoly

Taking on corporate concentration has gone from a fringe idea to a key plank of the party’s strategy. Here’s how that happened—and why it matters.

Political Animal

Breaking Down the Republican Campaign to Smear the Mueller Investigation

Rep. Devin Nunes seems to be a central figure behind the media attacks on the special counsel.


Yes, Donald Trump Can Obstruct Justice

As Mueller’s probe intensifies, Trump supporters think it’s a legal impossibility. But that’s not what the Constitution’s framers had in mind.

Republic 3.0

The Path to Medicare-for-All Starts with Medicare-for-Kids

The mechanics of single-payer are daunting. Could government-run health insurance for all American children be an attainable first step?

Health Care

Why Is the VA Hiding a PR Goldmine?

VA Secretary David Shulkin is suppressing his own book that highlights the agency’s success.


How the Rich Rig Regulations

A new book exposes the pernicious regulations that make the rich richer and the poor poorer—while shrinking the total economic pie.