TIME MAGAZINE: PAWN OF THE REPUBLICAN CENTRAL COMMITTEE?….With all due respect to my fellow liberals, can someone tell me why the lefty blogosphere has been obsessing over this Time/CNN poll showing that Bush’s approval numbers have now dropped to 55%? I mean, it did appear in Time magazine, and as much as we internet-savvy bloggers hate to admit it, the dead-tree version of Time still has a circulation about a gazillion times higher than the entire blogosphere put together, so it’s not like there was some kind of sinister conspiracy to hide this.

Besides, Bush’s approval numbers have been on a very steady downward slide ever since they peaked after 9/11, and you barely even needed to take an actual poll to figure out that the number this month would be around 55%. This is not exactly “man bites dog” material.

Or was it just that the week after Christmas is a slow news week?

POSTSCRIPT: Conservatives are pissed off at Time too for the effrontery of failing to name Bush their Person of the Year for two straight years! Man, these guys can’t please anyone, can they?

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