A BLAST FROM THE PAST….I was looking through some old files a couple of days ago and found this, written in those halcyon pre-Monica days of 1997:

Can somebody please explain to me why, after several weeks, there’s still such a fuss about Bill Clinton letting big campaign contributors spend the night at the White House?

….The really amazing thing about all this isn’t that Clinton was willing to let people sleep in the Lincoln bedroom in return for $100,000 donations, but that he was able to get the donations so cheap. Why, back when men were men and giants roamed the earth, you would have had to promise a lucrative tax break or at least a little help with a government contract to get a hundred grand, but Clinton seems to have gotten off a whole lot cheaper. There’s an amazing talent of some sort at work there, that’s for sure.

And while we’re on the subject of Clinton, can anyone explain the sheer hatred he engenders among so many conservatives? There’s certainly no reason for them to like him, but they mostly treat him as if he were the antichrist, despite a pretty middle-of-the-road record. He’s moderately liberal (somewhere between Jimmy Carter and Lyndon Johnson), moderately honest (better than Nixon and Johnson, worse than Carter and Bush), and moderately wishy washy (probably better than Bush and Carter, worse than Nixon and Reagan). I can’t say that I’m a big fan of his, but what has he done that’s so bad that a significant portion of the country apparently believes that he personally had Vince Foster shot and then ordered the Secret Service to dump his body in Arlington Cemetery? Hell, Nixon was about as unhinged a president as we’ve ever had, and even he never got accused of ordering a mob hit….

I’m still wondering.