THE JOHN EDWARDS CAMPAIGN IS ALREADY IN TROUBLE….Eric Folley paid a visit to the John Edwards website and has some harsh words for it:

I took a quick look at the John Edwards for President website tonight. In a word, it’s bad. In two words, it’s really bad.

Technical problems:

  • The HTML doesn’t validate.

  • The CSS doesn’t validate.

  • Despite the accessibility statement linked from every page, it doesn’t meet WAI or 508 accessibility guidelines.

  • The javascript mouseovers for the contribute and signup links at the top of each page are wonky ? the tooltips-like popups rarely pop up correctly.

  • The cookies aren’t encrypted

I can hear it on Rush’s show already: “My friends, his website doesn’t even meet WAI or 508 accessibility guidelines! That’s exactly the kind of liberal hypocrisy we’ve come to expect from the Democrat party.”

We nerds sure can be brutal, can’t we?

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