MORE ECONOMIC ANALYSIS….THE REPUBLICANS ARE STEALING OUR MONEY!….The folks at eRiposte have yet another cheap and cheerful economic analysis showing that Republicans are looting strong Democratic controlled states (like California!) and redistributing our wealth to weaker Republican controlled states. Do I believe it? Maybe. Then again, maybe it’s just a cheap partisan shot. But if so, at least it’s backed up with colorful charts and regression analyses.

But the real reason I’m plugging them is that they sent me an email asking me to. Actually, it was an email to me and Brad DeLong, and the idea that anyone with economic thoughts would somehow put me on the same footing as Brad just kinda tickles me. See, flattery will get you everywhere!

UPDATE: Ann Salisbury points to the original chart about state spending here. California ranks 40th in federal largesse, receiving only 86 cents for every dollar the feds hoover up from us. But at least we’re better off than poor Connecticut!

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