MORE ON BUSH-ONOMICS….There’s a PR problem with the Bush plan too. A PR problem for the Democrats, that is. Here is RealClear Politics’ take on the issue:

“THEY’VE TAKEN STEROIDS”: That’s how one GOP aide described the White House’s $674 billion economic stimulus plan….

By contrast, the Dems $136 billion proposal looks positively paltry….If the Bush plan had been only twice the size of the Democrats’ plan, the relative distance between the two plans is small, and all of the sudden the Democrats gain the appearance that they are serious – almost as serious as Bush – about cutting taxes and stimulating the economy. But by proposing a plan that is almost five times greater than the Democrats’ plan, Bush creates the opposite impression. Look at the language used in the press: Bush’s plan is “bold” and “aggressive” and by comparison the Democrats’ plan is tagged as “modest” and “timid.”

Actually, the Democratic plan provides $136 billion this year, while Bush’s plan provides less than $100 billion. In terms of short-term stimulus, the Democratic plan is bigger.

But it won’t play that way in the press.