NORAH VINCENT DOES ABORTION….To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, Norah Vincent decided to write about abortion today in her LA Times column. Nearly 400 words into her piece here’s what she’s come up with so far:

Despite what the activists want you to think, the real question on abortion is….Is the fetus human?

Didn’t we all know this already? Here’s her conclusion:

So maybe a good way to mark this 30th anniversary would be to move the debate from all or nothing — conception to birth — to a compromise in which lifers concede the first trimester, choicers concede the third and the rest of us have an intellectual discussion about the middle.

There’s nothing wrong with this, really, except that the whole thing is written at about the level of a 9th grade writing assignment. She simply regurgitates obvious material that’s been the center of attention for several decades now, and leavens it with some juvenile pseudo-legal arguments of the kind beloved by bright but naive teenagers.

I don’t get it. The LA Times is a big newspaper with a big budget and could afford pretty much any columnists they wanted. So why do they pay Norah Vincent to write this puerile stuff every week?