CAT BLOGGING MEETS SCRABBLE? BLOGGING….Today was Marian’s birthday, so I got her one of those deluxe Scrabble? games with the built in lazy susan and the nice raised board that keeps all the tiles straightened out. I was sort of hoping it would be motorized and have a built-in Scrabble? computer, but no luck.

This is how we usually play, supervised by the cats to make sure we don’t cheat. I managed to eke out a victory in the first game, which I suppose was ungentlemanly of me, but the birthday gods took revenge in the second game and thrashed me to within an inch of my life.

And how old is Mrs. C? She’s not telling, I imagine. Of course, since the state of California makes its birth records available online, you could find out here if you only knew her maiden name. But you don’t, do you? So her secret is safe.

And yes, she did get a bit more than just some upgraded technology for our nightly Scrabble? festivities….