NEW FRONTIERS IN JOURNALISM FROM OUR OWN ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER….This morning just before lunch Marian and I drove out to Stanton ? formerly “Crossroads of Vacationland” because you have to drive through Stanton to get to both Knott’s Berry Farm and Disneyland ? and the taco & burger place we stopped at had a copy of the Orange County Register out. So of course we both read through it, which explains the wealth of Register references you’re seeing in today’s CalPundit.

Here’s one of their new features: the “Readers’ cartoon caravan,” which sounds like something from a high school newspaper circa 1950. Looks like it too, as you can see from today’s effort reprinted above.

Aside from the fact that amateur efforts like this are rarely funny or provocative, isn’t this just about the most annoying thing you’ve seen on the Internet since, oh, the last Lileks column you read? Hell, just writing this post has made me kinda seasick….

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