WWII VETS AGAINST THE WAR….Here’s some interesting poll information: the age group that most opposes war with Iraq is that aged 77 and up, Tom Brokaw’s famous “Greatest Generation” of World War II veterans.

In a Los Angeles Times Poll last month, support for sending U.S. ground troops to Iraq was 58% among all 1,305 respondents compared with 35% among the World War II generation. A poll of 4,469 Americans by the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press in the fall indicated that 60% of Americans favored taking action in Iraq to end Hussein’s regime, but that only 41% of participants 75 and older supported such action.

Their main complaint seems to be that Bush has not yet made a good case for war, a telling criticism from a generation that has heard successive presidents trying to justify their various wars for over 50 years and probably has a pretty good ear for whether this one’s war talk is more like FDR’s or LBJ’s. As one respondent put it, “I’m willing to be convinced either way, but if there’s some darned good reason for going to war, I haven’t seen it yet.”

But Colin Powell promises that later this month we’re all going to hear ? something. Not a “darned good reason,” perhaps, but at least “a persuasive case.” That does seem to be the very least we could expect from them, doesn’t it?