FIRST THEY CAME FOR THE CIGARETTES….I don’t often agree with National Review, but yesterday The Corner reported that “Not content with their onslaught on tobacco and alcohol, the totalitarians of ?public health? are now eyeing your chocolate bar.”

More scary hype from the loony bin right? Let’s find out! According to The Independent, British health experts are concerned about the growing crop of extra-large candy bars:

They believe that consumers are more likely to buy the Mars Big One, which is a third larger than a standard bar but only 15p more expensive. Similarly, the KitKat Chunky costs 40p and weighs 55g, and is only 5p more than the smaller, traditional KitKat bar.

No shit. I mean, that is the whole point isn’t it?

Ah, well, I suppose it was bound to happen, and as a good liberal I should just suck it up and take it. It’s only a matter of time before California goes the way of Britain.

In fact, maybe Gray Davis should read about this. A $1.10 tax fee on chocolate bars would probably go a long way toward solving our little deficit problem.

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