IT JUST GETS BETTER AND BETTER….Via Atrios, Julian Sanchez reports that John Lott ? who claims not to participate in firearms discussion groups ? has actually been participating extensively under the cybername “Mary Rosh”:

It is fortunate, since Dr. Lott pays no attention to the natterings of Usenet group participants, that his IP-twin, “Mary Rosh,” has been his indefatigable defender on those very groups in recent months. In fact, a quick search of Google Groups reveals that her extensive knowledge of Lott’s work is matched only by her passion for refuting his many critics. Lucky guy.

“Mary Rosh” has also been posting comments to Sanchez’s site:

I had Lott as a professor in the early 1990s and he was always very nice and fair to people. I can only imagine the type of hell that you all put him through if you were indeed publishing these reports without first at least asking him for comment.

Is this hilarious or what? I can’t wait to hear him explain that his wife uses the same computer he does and has been doing all this without his knowledge.

Technically, of course, I realize that this doesn’t prove anything directly about Lott’s questionable survey, but as the TV lawyers say, it goes to credibility. And his is starting to look pretty ragged.

A note to Lott’s defenders: you might want to hedge your bets on this guy. He’s beginning to look like a serial ? but clumsy ? liar.

UPDATE: Oh, this is just too rich! After I finished this post I was about to respond to an email I had gotten about an earlier Lott post. Guess who the email turned out to be from?

You guessed it: Our Mary is a busy girl!

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