DOING THE WRONG THING….Hesiod links to this story in the Detroit Free Press today: Heather Pebbles, an employee at a Babies R Us, noticed a baby left alone in a car in freezing weather, so she called the police and then used the store PA sytem to track down the baby’s mother. Here’s her manager’s response:

He says, ‘We know you did the right thing and all, but you can’t involve us. That guest now has a negative impression of shopping with us….We don’t need the bad publicity,’ ” Pebbles said.

Pebbles, a mother of two who had worked part-time for three years at the store on Haggerty near 8 Mile, was stunned.

“I said, ‘What’s the winning situation here?’ and he said, ‘You shouldn’t have involved us.’ ”

Pebbles said she quit, telling the manager “I won’t work for a company like this.”

The only good news is that corporate headquarters backed Pebbles and said the store manager was wrong. Sounds like maybe they should make Pebbles the store’s manager.