FROM THE “NEVER SEND EMAIL IN ANGER” DEPARTMENT….Nick Denton has the latest on Julie Meyer of Ariadne Capital, and it’s not pretty:

From: Julie Meyer
Sent: 21 January 2003 14:22
To: All staff
Subject: The final straw.

I see that whoever has been sending our confidential emails to a certain website has done it again. I am not amused by this. This is a complete betrayal of my trust, my good name and my investment in you as a team

I will be interviewing everyone regarding this and as from now all internet access is restricted to sites on our client list only. If you want external access, please speak to either myself or Bundeep. Email will be restricted to those on the company address list and attachments will be vetted by myself. All company mobile phones will be restricted to certain numbers also due to the abuse of international calling.

This Friday a number of staff are leaving and we had planned a dinner and drinks at O’Neills. In light of these events this has been cancelled.

Let me warn you all that I will not stand for this behaviour from a team of professionals.


Nick has more.

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