YEP, IT’S ALL ABOUT OIL….Trent Telenko at Winds of Change wonders if the French will really veto a U.S. use of force resolution in the United Nations. Are they secretly (and deviously) working with us? Will they wimp out and support us in the end? Or is there a third choice?

3) The French aren’t bluffing, in which case the UN is useless for promoting American interests. So we should let the French veto the use of force resolution and attack Iraq anyway. That will make the UN another “League of Nations” and remove it as an obstacle to American interests. The up side is that it also gives us the justification make a really public and gory example of France.

I really don’t see France crashing and burning the U.N. over this. It is clear to all and sundry that the USA is out to control Arab oil income so that it won’t be diverted to Pakistani and North Korean WMD production or to fund Al-Qaeda and its mind children. Control of that oil income is a great deal of economic power. Volunteering to be the first example of that power’s use is *not* within the meme of French Statecraft.

Crikey. Which rock do people like this crawl out from, anyway?

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