HOW MANY DIFFERENT KINDS OF CHEESE DO THEY HAVE?….VodkaPundit, returning from a long hiatus, has a lot to get off his chest. But the most important thing, beating out trivia like Iraq, North Korea, and the University of Michigan, is a long screed about the French. You know the drill by now: we saved their sorry asses in WWII, rebuilt their country singlehandedly with the Marshall Plan, and then they repaid us by pulling out of NATO and…..well, that’s about it, actually. At any rate, Stephen doesn’t seem to have any major complaints since 1965.

By now, of course, we all know that French anti-Americanism is nothing more than the pitiful mewling of that arrogant European condescension we’ve come to expect, more’s the sorrow, as opposed to American anti-Frenchism, which is a sign of muscular (but non-imperialistic!) determination to make the world safe for all those countries too weak-kneed and morally unclear to do it for themselves. But hey, that ship sailed long ago, the Euro-account is way overdrawn, and once again it’s up to us to….um….

Wait a second. Was I saying something?

That’s not what I was going to rant about. Not at all. I just got carried away. No, I was going to rant about this:

France is out of the habit of greatness, and it shows ? which is about what you should expect from a country whose national identity is personified by a impressively chesty but otherwise useless fashion model, but more on that later.

Well, I kept reading, and there was nothing more about impressively chesty supermodels, useless or otherwise. What gives?

Oh, and considering what the American media is like, I’d be a little careful about drawing analogies about national greatness based on fondness for supermodels….

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