ROBERT BORK EXPLAINS WHY THE UNITED STATES SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO DO ANY DAMN THING IT PLEASES….In the Wall Street Journal today, Robert Bork explains why unilateralism is a good thing:

We know from experience that international tribunals and forums will not be friendly to the U.S. When the U.S. aided the Nicaraguan insurgency, the International Court of Justice, despite having no jurisdiction, ruled that the U.S. had violated customary international law. When the U.S. removed a violent dictatorship in Grenada to the overwhelming satisfaction of the Grenadians, the U.N. General Assembly denounced our action by a larger majority than had denounced the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

As well they should have since our actions in both those cases were disgraceful and unprovoked. Hell, Margaret Thatcher (!) criticized our invasion of Granada and Ronald Reagan nearly got impeached over Nicaragua. I’m surprised that even Robert Bork is shameless enough to try and criticize international law using those two misbegotten adventures as examples.

Of course, he also fails to mention that the UN supported us in the Korean War, supported us against the French and British during the Suez crisis, supported our demand that the Soviets withdraw from Afghanistan, supported us against the Ayatollah in Iran, supported our position in the first Gulf War, and supported our invasion of Afghanistan after 9/11.

So what’s all that about international forums never being friendly to the U.S.?