JOHN LOTT UPDATE….One of the things that John Lott has complained about is bloggers making harsh accusations without bothering to ask him first for an explanation. There is probably some justice to this, and I’ve noticed myself that while he has responded via email to bits and pieces of the accusation about his 1997 survey, there’s no comprehensive interview where he has responded to everything in one place. So I sent him an email asking if he would do a phone interview with me.

After a couple of emails back and forth, here’s what he wrote back:

OK, Kevin, I have a better understanding of what you want to accomplish and it seems like a reasonable point. I have talked to Lindgren and others, but I understand your desire to also ask questions directly. Let me think about it a little. As noted previously, I am way, way, way behind on things and I really couldn’t devote any more time to thinking about all this until I finish the paper that is due next week. Thanks.

I hope he’ll take me up on this. If he does, I’ll publish the results here and also give him space for whatever response he desires. More later.