PERFIDIOUS MARIANNE….Glenn Reynolds says:

DOES SADDAM HAVE NUKES? ARE THE FRENCH SPYING FOR SADDAM? Trent Telenko has info on both. I’ve gotten some email from military folks suggesting the latter based on the behavior of French ships and aircraft in the Persian Gulf region.

If it’s true, paybacks should be severe.

Hmmm….let’s click on the link to see what’s up. Here’s the source: a thread at about an interview on Hannity & Colmes that was excerpted at Newsmax. The interviewee is Bill Tierney, a former inspector who was fired during the Clinton adminstration and is, um, bitter about it.

I hope everyone will excuse me if I don’t take this too seriously? Especially coming just a few days after Steven Den Beste’s breathless speculation that the French have been deliberately helping Saddam build nuclear weapons?

A thought experiment for these folks: if the French really are spying for Saddam, what do they think would be the reaction of the Bush administration? Surely they would know about it, and just as surely they would make it clear to Jacques Chirac that he ought to be voting our way in the Security Council if he wants us to keep his little secret. Right?

The French can be obstinate as hell, their foreign policy is sometimes based on little more than being a counterweight to the U.S., and they are tenaciously aggressive in pursuit of their own national self interest. Fine. But can we please keep speculation within the bounds of rationality?

POSTSCRIPT: Note to Armed Liberal: who the heck are they guys you’re hanging out with these days?

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