NORTH KOREA….It sure has been quiet on the North Korea front, hasn’t it? President Bush spent, oh, 30 seconds on it last night, saying basically that “we’re working on it” and then moving on to weightier dictators.

So what’s the latest? Well, according to CNN, the South Koreans sent an envoy to Pyonyang, but Kim Jong-il snubbed him and refused to meet. The envoy did manage to pass along a letter, however, and claims that Kim “promised to study its warm advice and let us know their opinion later.” Uh huh.

Later in the same story, CNN reported that the snub was deliberate:

“They want to deal directly with George W. Bush and tell them basically you guarantee my security and in exchange I may consider dropping my nuclear weapons program,” Lee Chong-min, from Seoul’s Yonsei University, told CNN.

This is nothing new, really, but it’s hard not to wonder if maybe they’re actually serious about this. The North Koreans have proven so untrustworthy that it seems foolish to take anything they say at face value, but they sure have been consistent about what they want from the U.S.: a nonagression pact and a guarantee of security.

Assuming for a second that we could negotiate a suitable verification regime ? a very big if ? is there really anything wrong with this? I imagine there’s a catch here, but if suitable security guarantees could denuclearize the Korean penninsula, well, that seems like a pretty good tradeoff to me.