DOES IRAQ HAVE NUKES?….Knowledgable people who talk honestly about “weapons of mass destruction” usually differentiate between chemical and biological weapons ? bad ? and nuclear weapons ? horrific. The all-purpose acronym WMD often obfuscates this, leaving us to wonder: does Iraq really have a nuclear program? Or just chemical and biological?

Today Josh Marshall publishes an interview with Kenneth Pollack, author of The Gathering Storm, that asks that very question. Here is Pollack’s reponse:

One of the things that has been most important to me is talking to the inspectors, the inspectors who were responsible for this program during the 1990s. Every one of which I’ve spoken to believes that the Iraqis somewhere have a clandestine centrifuge program. And that’s very meaningful to me because the experts, the guys who are in there doing it themselves, they also believe that the Iraqis are still pursuing this. It’s just that we can’t find what they’ve got.

Is there more? Tune in tomorrow for Part 2 of the interview.

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