DO AS WE SAY, NOT AS WE DO….The Los Angeles City Council voted this week to uphold a new police department policy regarding residential burglar alarms. From now on, police will not respond to burglar alarms unless they also get a phone call verifying a problem. Too many false alarms, the LAPD says, and we’re wasting police resources responding to them all.

Ah, but it turns out that certain people are exempt from this new policy: City Council members. The LAPD explains:

“Because they’re the most visible representatives of city government, they should have the benefit of some security system in their homes and offices,” said Lt. Debra Kirk of the Police Commission’s investigations division, which is responsible for enforcing the alarm policy.

What’s more, they don’t have to pay the annual alarm permit fee or the false alarm fees. Isn’t it lovely being a Los Angeles city councilman?