MATT’S BACK….Matt Yglesias is finally back and has sent everyone a shameless, pathetic email asking us to link to him. These Harvard kids will stoop to anything.

However, he’s got a good post from the trenches of the Howard Dean campaign, so all is forgiven. And I’m with him on this: if Dean is genuinely a protectionist, he’s lost my vote too.

He also comments on my creationism post ? well, the headline of my creationism post, anyway:

CalPundit asks is creationism science?, but I think it’s a bad question. The so-called “demarcation problem” between science and non-science is, I think, so context-dependent that it’s not really answerable. A better question to ask would be “are there good reasons to think creationism is true?” and my answer would be “no.”

Sheesh. Trust a philosophy major to bollocks things up….

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