SEX AND THE BRITISH….Sometimes the stereotypes are true:

A new offence of sexual activity in a public place, carrying a maximum jail term of six months, was proposed in legislation published by the Government yesterday. For the first time, the law would define the circumstances in which sex in public could happen….

Sexual activity in a “dwelling” would be exempt – even if it could be witnessed through open curtains – whereas a couple engaging in sex in their own garden which could be seen from the road would be guilty of an offence.

….Hilary Benn, the Home Office minister, said homosexuals meeting in a public lavatory would avoid prosecution provided the participants were not seen.

“If the cubicle door was open then clearly an offence was committed. If it’s closed, it’s different,” he said.

Don’t you think this is a case where “I know it when I see it” might have been sufficient?

(Via Jim Miller)

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