YET MORE PC MADNESS IN THE ACADMY….Erin O’Connor seems to spend her entire life searching diligently for PC outrages in the educational community, but even by her rather loose standards today’s outrage is a stretch:

A Missouri schoolteacher has been fired for voicing controversial opinions. Last fall, a student in Jendra Loeffelman’s eighth-grade class asked her what she thought about interracial marriage. The question grew out of a discussion about an assignment the student had been given in another class. Loeffelman answered honestly, telling her class that she disapproved of interracial marriage because it produced children who are likely to be persecuted. Some of Loeffelman’s students are of mixed racial origins.

Erin thinks that Loeffelman was fired solely because she refused to “pander to [students’]–or their parents’–sensibilities.”

Yeah, that makes sense: approval of mixed race marriage would have been just another case of “pandering” to those damn reverse racists in the Democratic party. Why are they so hypersensitive about this stuff, anyway? Does everything have to be about race?

Here’s the lesson, Erin: if you’re going to be a racist, you better shut up about it. We’ve made at least that much progress.

And please: no emails suggesting that this isn’t racism. If disapproval of interracial marriage isn’t racism, then the term has lost all meaning.

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