CHESS UPDATE….The fourth game of the Kasparov-Deep Junior match ended in a draw Sunday. The match score is now 2-2 and game five looks to be the key game of the match: Kasparov will be playing white, and it’s probably his last chance for a win. If he plays agressively and wins the game, the final match score will probably end up 3.5-2.5. But if he’s just trying to avoid a loss, he’ll play carefully and end up with a couple of draws, for a final match score of 3-3.

The mental gymnastics of playing a computer were evident in this game. Kasparov’s 8th move was an odd one, and after the match he admitted, “Okay it’s a lousy move but it got the computer out of book.” In other words, instead of simply playing straight-up chess, he’s trying to figure out how to outwit the programming. I have a feeling that the twin stresses of playing a world class machine and trying to second guess the programming just makes the whole match even more of an emotional stretch than it would be otherwise.

Game five is on Wednesday.

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